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Safe Yoga

Classes for Beginners and Older Adults in Forest Grove

A safe and fun yoga class that nurtures strength, flexibility, and balance is here for you. Learn how yoga can help you with healthy aging.

This class is designed to optimize your posture, spine/back health, range of motion, and sense of well-being.

It's never too late to start.

What is Safe Yoga

A lot of us have heard "yoga is good for you." What we don't often know is "yoga is good for you when you know which class works best for your needs and concerns" because every body is unique and not all classes are made equal.

Yoga does not have to be a sport for young or bendy people or rigorous workout. Safe Yoga is for people who want more variations or modifications than typical yoga classes and feel comfortable, enjoy, and receive benefits.

By focusing on how you feel, instead of how you look allows you to maximize the benefits of yoga while keeping practice safe and comfortable.

Classes in Forest Grove

Safe Yoga

at Creative Enterprises

1913 21st Avenue



$10/drop-in welcome

for more details

Mats and tools available


Beginner Yoga

at Fitness 1440

2329 Pacific Avenue



Free for Gym Members

Mats and tools available


Workshops &

Private Sessions

Fully customized classes

to fit your needs and conditions.

Currently full.

Please email for future openings and opportunities.


Who is in Safe Yoga Class

Students' Age

The main population in Safe Yoga is people in their 50's, 60's and 70's.

Each person has their own health stories to tell!


Health Concerns

Aging in general





Back Health



Health Benefits

Better strength, flexibility, and balance,

Feel calmer and clearer,

Increased core strength and awareness,

Improved focus and mindfulness,

though "enjoyable and yet challenging" classes


Why Safe Yoga

"Each month has a theme, a point of focus, and she gives specific instructions as to how to make a movement safe."

"She works with all degrees of knowledge, new or experienced."

"This group itself is welcoming, friendly, and supportive of newcomers."



Azumi fell in love with yoga 20 years ago and loves practicing yoga with all ages. Her interests are yoga for healthy aging, making yoga safe, fun and accessible, and learning wisdoms in life through mindfulness practices.




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safe yoga by two tatami